Would you like to comission a portrait?

If you would like a portrait of your children, yourself or perhaps an animal you love, then please contact me and together we will find a suitable way to do the work. It's also possible to commission a conceptual piece of work. Perhaps you have seen something you like, but its already sold or its too big.

The process of the commission is firstly communicating over email or phone to clarify what you would like a painting or a drawing off. I paint from photos as I find this to be more practical, but I do need good photoes.

When painting or drawing an animal its usually enough with a few good photos, but I do prefer to meet the animal if possible.

When painting or drawing people  I would have to meet them in person and preferably spend part of a day with that person. During that day we would agree on what he/she should wear, the setting and background etc. I would also take a number of photos and together we would agree on which one represents the persons personality best.

During the painting process I would send you updates, and if there is something you would like altered its still possible to do so.