KjerringKompaniet is a collaboration between photographer Mona Moe Machava and the artist Isabelle Inghilleri. The two artists met in art school in England in 2001 and has been frequently worked together since then. Machava and Inghilleri has had several exhibitions together where they use photography as a means of expression.

Machava is in full control of camera and light, Inghilleri with the styling and composition, but of course there is a real mi at times, as it should in a collaboration!

Mona Moe Macava has her education as a photographer from London, Prague and South Africa. Machava lived in South Africa for several years as an independent photographer, but also worked a a photo journalist for The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian and FN. Today she is living in Norway and works as an independent photographer and runs a studio.

Isabelle Inghilleri graduated from The Royal Collage of Art in 2005. Inghilleri has lived and worked as an indipendent videoartist and painter in London, Berlin and South France for several years. She has had numerous exhibitions in several different countries. Today Inghilleri lives in Norway and works from her studio on her little farm.